Ranolder red

Ranolder Red is half a hectare. Complex, fruity, velvety, very long-tasting wine after sixteen months of French barrel aging. We release it at the age of four. If we send it to a competition, it wins. He has been the owner of ‘the country’s best franc’ title. Unfortunately, only a few grows so we’re glad we have it at all.

Ranolder white

In 2000, after a long pause, Furmint was first installed in front of the house, where our forefathers had previously cultivated this variety under the name ‘Szigeti’. True, the villagers did not taste the wine itself, because they thought that the then director of the State Economy made it harvest into his own cellar. Furmint – also according to our predecessors – was always blended with Olaszrizling. Since 2002 we have been making this long-tasting, very well maturing, very successful cuvée with a baroque label that has been put on the Ranolder wines for 150 years.


It is always made of Olaszrizling on this two and a half-acre monopoly hill, from which our most characteristic, concentrated and longest-life wines originate. Our forefathers always set the crucifix in the end of the most precious, highest-quality hills to protect it against the frost and the ice. For this reason, in 1863 János Ranolder, the bishop of Veszprem, who owned the estate made a crucifix set here.

Cabernet Franc Merlot

The grapes grew on the lower half hectare of the Cabernet Franc plantation are blended with the selected Merlot of Tihany. The result is this forest red-fruity, silky, easy-drinking cuvée. It usually comes tot he market after a year.

Cabernet Franc

Half a hectare in the bottom of the clayey, slightly wet Siralomvágó. Fruity, velvety, exciting red wine. Although, we do not have much of this either, maybe ten French barriques.


Our Olaszrizling is an everyday drink. Elegant, beautiful and harmonious with the smell of field flowers. Its fresh words are in balance with the 12.5% alcohol content. It is unmistakably local. We grow Olaszrizling on ten acres. A bit less than 6,000 bottles per hectare. Yield can be checked! If you sit down with one of your friends, there come the 4-5 deciliters…or more.


In Csopak, even world-varieties become local wine. Grows in Csopak and still Chardonnay. In 2016 we could not go wrong. It had to be harvested in time. We do not like the heavy, highly alcoholic wines. Neither dry whites made from rotten grapes. We have wines that we love ourselves.